The Decktet

The Decktet is a deck of cards with suits, ranks, and named images. It is structurally unlike ordinary poker and tarot decks, meaning that you can do different things with it.

The Revised and Expanded Decktet Book is a complete guide, with lots of new games and illustrations.

New to the Decktet?

If you just got a copy of the deck and came here to learn what you could do with it, I recommend jumping in and playing a round of Adaman (solitaire), Jacynth (two-player), or Thricewise (two or more).

If you want to ponder instead of play, you can read more about the structure of the deck.

What people are saying

The Decktet was named Card Game of the Year in Games Magazine's 2013 Buyer's Guide issue.

"This is perhaps not a collection of addictive games, but a way of life that could lead card players to abandon the traditional 52-card deck." - John J. McCallion, Games magazine

"If you are looking for a creative, artistic, stylized, and intelligently designed game system to play and create with, make room in your creative life for Decktet. You will find it to be an invaluable tool and an endless source of enjoyment." - Cyrus Kirby, Father Geek

"When you assemble or buy the Decktet, you gain admission to a unique and fascinating game system." - Greg J

"The cards are gorgeous and very flavorful. ... The idea of having cards with multiple suits seems rich with possibilities for invention." - S. Deniz Bucak

"Appears clever, is in fact clever. It is a curiously odd little deck that plays curiously odd little games and there's a lot to like about such a curiously odd and even whimsical little game system." - J C Lawrence

"Decktet... exists in a similar other-worldly place, one that mixes Richard Scarry with Disney's Robin Hood with Tarot with Narnia with a million other weird and wonderful things." - Nate Straight

"I find myself bringing this deck with me almost anywhere I go if there's a slight possibility of playing a game." - Benski Dayley


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