The Decktet

There are dozens of games that can be played with the Decktet, but the sheer variety can be somewhat daunting. Here are some recommendations to start you off.

Emu Ranchers

[2 players] It's a hardscrabble life for emu ranchers like yourself, raising exotic birds for foreign markets. With the high cost for every bird you hatch, it probably won't be worth it in the end. You can't tell at the beginning of the year which of the six bird varieties will do best, and beware the birds with exceptional plumage! If they thrive, they can be worth big money; but if they go wrong, they can bankrupt your ranch.

"My wife has surprisingly hooked on to this game now, even having dreams about it. After getting past the slightly hairy scoring, it's a breeze! Plus heaps of agonising decisions.... so hard!" -Jack Timbledum


[1-3 players] Jacynth is among the oldest cities, and a map of its streets is a record of history. It is a haphazard maze of overlapping interests and neighborhoods, with intricate social bonds tying one block to the next. You could control the city if you could control a nexus in that maze of ancient intrigue, but first you would have to find it.

"Another example of how diverse the Decktet family of games can be. This is an area control game that you have to play through at least once before you'll really understand what's going on. The variable starting setups just makes the game that much richer." -Evan Derrick


[2-5 players] A fast paced game of careful timing. Every turn, you add one card to the grid. You score a point each time your card makes three in a row. Threesomes must be in rank order, all be of the same rank, or share a suit symbol.

"Surprisingly awesome game. Very simple to learn but it has a lot to mull over while you sit there staring at your cards. ... I hope to play this frequently." -Joe Heaney



[2 players] The Grand Duke, who has no heirs, has decreed that his throne will go whoever does the most to lift up and develop the duchy. You are a successful but common merchant, aiming to buy a noble title by impressing the Grand Duke. His health is failing, so you need to hurry.

"I haven't played many Decktet games since acquiring my deck, but this one ROCKS. My wife and I enjoy playing this one very much, and it goes over just as well as a two-player lunch game with friends at work." -Jeff Hastings

More discoveries await you

There are many more games than these and lots to explore.