Getting a deck

The Decktet is not available in stores or from major distributors. Instead you can order printed decks from a couple of different vendors, or you can print your own.


From DriveThru Cards

The cards from DriveThru Cards are printed on premium black core card stock. The result is better than the cards you'd find in many published games.

single deckdouble deck

The Decktet: A single deck with the classic deck illustrations, along with reference cards. $10

The Double Decktet: A deck with the classic art and another with the new capital illustrations. $18

russian deck

Дектет: A single deck with card text in Russian. Either because the Cyrillic alphabet is familiar to you (so it's comfortable) or because it is not (so it's exotic). In either case, it makes a great double deck along with the usual English version. $9

decosuit tokens

The Deco Decktet: An iconoclastic alternative with all of the same structure but none of the pictorial content. Pretty shapes replace depictions of fantasy people. $9

Suit tokens: A set of mini-cards to serve as tokens for games like Magnate and Colour Bazaar. Not a complete game; you also need a copy of the Decktet. $9.99

From The Game Crafter

The colour and print quality of decks from TGC is fine, but really the reason to order from them is if you are also getting suit chips.

single decksuit chips

A single deck with the filigree card back. $11.99

Suit chips: 72 chips, 12 of each. The 32mm plastic chips come in six colours. The stickers come on a sheet, and you apply them yourself. Not a complete game; you also need a copy of the Decktet.

Print your own

The print-and-play version of the Decktet features the classic deck illustrations. You can print your own copy.