The Decktet

The Decktet is available in a free print&play version which you can make yourself, and there are also pretty sets available to buy from a number of vendors.

Print your own

Link: The print&play version

From DriveThru Cards

drive thru

The cards from DriveThru Cards are printed on premium black core card stock from French paper manufacturer Arjo-Wiggins.

The Decktet: A single deck with the firmament card back. $9.99 each

Дектет: A single deck with card text in Russian. Either because you because the Cyrillic alphabet is familiar to you (so it's comfortable) or because it is not (so it's exotic). In either case, it makes a great double deck along with the usual English version. $9.99 each

firmament back russian

Shipping may be cheaper from DriveThru, although you only have one choice of card back and can't include suit chips. The finish of the DriveThru cards is smoother and more pleasing than the finish of the TGC cards, but the colours are a bit less vibrant. I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

From The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter offers single decks, double decks, and mini decks in several different styles, as well as illustrated suit chips.

TGC single decks

A single deck is a complete extended deck plus several information cards, available with one of three different card backs. There is also an iconoclastic version with alternate, non-representational art. There is also a travel version with half-size cards. $9.99 each

lattice back filigree back firmament back deco mini russian

The colour and print quality of these decks is very nice. I highly recommend them.

For more information on the card backs, see the card back gallery.

TGC double decks

Double decks include two complete sets. One of the two sets has a decorative squiggle in the upper right corner of each card, to make it easy to separate the two decks. In order to keep the price down, there's no packaging. $16.99 each

double deck, lattice back double deck, filigree back double deck, firmament back double deco

TGC suit chips

Decktet suit chips are available from the TGC, and you can save on shipping by including them in the same order. There are two different configurations.

basic set of chips