The Decktet Book

the book cover

The Decktet Book book is your guide to a curious deck in six suits.

Over 230 pages, covering the deck's history, both genuine and arcane; its structure, detailed in numerous charts and tables; games that exploit the unique features of the deck; suggestions for reading and interpreting the cards.

The book combines text and rules that had previouly been available from disparate places with new material, presenting them together in a unified way. It includes over one hundred original and historical illustrations.

There are rules for dozens of games in the book, including trick taking games, set collection games, auction games, resource management games, and more. Among these are two games that are not available anywhere else: Kingpins and Otgovorko.

The book is available from Lulu in two versions.

Buy this book on Lulu.

The electronic version is a PDF of the book. It is not protected by DRM, because I don't want to get in the way of your using it. However, the book is not free; if you buy the PDF, please don't pass it around indiscriminately on the internet.

Praise for the first edition

"The book, like the Decktet itself, is lavishly illustrated, accessible, fun and functional." - Greg James at Boardgame Geek

"This is not some dry recital of mechanics ... the writing is jaunty and never boring." - Felbrigg's Gaming Blog

"Lots of content, enjoyable writing, clear diagrams. I look forward to getting some games played with some friends this weekend." - Wayne Hall at Boardgame Geek

"The book is a great read AND it's wonderfully produced AND offers a great selection of Decktet games. For a Decktet beginner like me, it was great having a sense of where to start and where to go from there. Most recommended!" - David Hoffman at Boardgame Geek