Decktet card backs

The first copies of the Decktet, which I printed for myself, had coloured card sleeves or plain cardstock on the back. Later, I designed card backs.

Note that these aren't all freely available, and they aren't offered under the same terms as the Decktet itself. People who've printed their own copies have had to designed some nice card back, in case you want to print a deck but don't want to design a back yourself.


The moon back: When I first had decks professionally printed, this is the card back I designed. It made a brief return with the first print-on-demand decks.


The firmament back: I designed this for the second wave of decks. Lots of the line work is from a 19th-century illustration, which I touched up and coloured. It was used for print-on-demand decks for many years.


The archer back: I created this as an alternative to firmament when I was having decks printed and selling them myself. Although it starts out looking good, the dark edges do not wear well.


The lattice back: This was a non-representational alternative for print-on-demand decks.


The filigree back: Although people have often made their own card backs when printing their own decks, I made this when somebody wanted something to go along with the print-and-play deck. Again, I've taken line work from 19th-c. illustration.

Because someone requested it, I later also made the filigree back available print-on-demand.


The pachyderm back: When I made the first Mini Decktet, I needed a card back in a smaller size. This is a tiled illustration from the Decktet Book.